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Grief Consultation

Your grief is sacred.

you hold it in your body.

whether you lost your person years ago, or your grief is fresh, you're in the right place.

Embodied Grief Support for whole person transformation. Programs and events for grievers. Courses and consults for therapists.

Support and training for organizations.

This option is for mental health and social service organizations that want to invest in grief specific training and consulting in order to serve the people they work with more effectively. In order to make the most of this offering, you can either choose to have a one time training or longer term consultancy.


You can choose from three embodied grief trainings, detailed below.

Each training is two hours and $600. 

1. Moving through Mud: Holding the Grief Your Clients Carry: An overview training to help you connect to your own embodied wisdom and grief to better support your clients.

2. Grief is not a disorder: An exploration of how grief has become pathologized in the mental health sphere and how to utilize your body to deconstruct these unhelpful narratives in our work. 

3. Embodied Grieving is a Life Skill:
When approached intentionally, grief can become the inroad to developing a healthy connection to intuition, boundaries and relationship building. Come learn how. 


I am also available to offer more regular grief consultation to organizations on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis.
As part of consultation, I work closely with you to help you increase your capacity to hold grief.

  • We start by completing an in-depth assessment of your organization for how comfortable providers are with grief and how effectively grief support is being provided as well as organizational needs and goals (4 hours)
  • I provide tailored team trainings once/month for the length of our contract. (2 hours each)
  • I work closely with service providers to offer guidance on particular grief cases, through weekly 1:1 calls, in team meetings or through a combination (up to 7 hours)
  • At the end, we will co-create an assessment of our work together, major areas of growth and areas for continued attention. You will receive a detailed report of all of the above (4 hours)


3 months is $2400/2 payments of $1200
6 months is $4800/5 payments of $960
12 months is $9,600/10 payments of $960
Please complete the application below to express your interest. I look forward to connecting.

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